• Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does!
  • Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does!

Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does!

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September 1, 2006
Forward by Joe Vitalia, Ph.D.
Interactive DVD Included. 

Donny Don’t comes to work wound-up and anxious, never quite able to calm down. Pressing deadlines and a constant sense of urgency make him feel as if he just can't get ahead. Donny feels distracted and unable to focus throughout the day and before he knows it, he’s spending sleepless nights worrying about what on-the-job disasters tomorrow will bring.

Anxiety in the workplace is serious and can hold you back from achieving the success you deserve, despite how hard you work. In my first book I offer simple and effective techniques to get your workplace anxiety under control once and for all so you can enjoy work and be more productive.

Learn how anxiety develops in the workplace and how to stop it before it gets the best of you. Then, you're in control: The included interactive DVD lets you customize the book's powerful exercises and self-evaluations to target your own personal workplace anxieties. In no time, you'll move past your obstacles and begin building a successful and fulfilling career.

Learn from Donny’s Mistakes and you will:

  • Reduce Anxiety, stress and worry at work
  • Quit striving for perfection
  • End self-defeating thoughts
  • Overcome your fears of failure
  • And more . . .